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The Use Of The Verb

Kapan Menggunakan Past Tense dan Present Tense

Contoh :

He took the money when he wanted it

He takes the money when he wants it

Gunakan Have/Had Dengan Benar

Contoh :

She has lived in Bandung for ten years

Tom had lived in Bandung when she moved to Indonesia

Gunakan Tenses Yang Benar Ketika Menggunakan Ekspresi Waktu

Contoh :

She moved to China in 1970

Gunakan Tenses Yang Benar Ketika Menggunakan Will dan Would

Contoh :

I knew that he would arrive

I know that he will arrive

Kuis 33 Know When To Use The Past With The Present

Kuis 34 Use Have and Had Correctly

Kuis 35 Use The Correct Tense With Time Expression

Kuis 36 Use The Correct Tense With Will and Would

Toefl Exercise 33-36

Toefl Review Exercise 1-36

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