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Subjek Singular Maka Verb Harus Singular

Selain itu, jika subjek plural maka verb juga harus plural.

Contoh :

The boy walks

The boys walk

Posisi Verb Setelah Preposition

Contoh :

The key to the door is on the table

The keys to the door are on the table

Posisi Verb Setelah Expression Of Quantity

Contoh :

All of the book was interesting

All of the books were interesting

Posisi Verb Sebelum Subject

Contoh :

Behind the house were the bicycles I wanted

Behind the houses was the bicycle I wanted

Verb Setelah Anybody

Contoh :

Anybody is going to class

Selain anybody : no body, somebody, each-, every-

Kuis 20 Verb Agree After Preposition

Kuis 21 Verb Agree After Quantity

Kuis 22 Inverted Verb Agree

Kuis 23 Verb Agree After Certain Word

Toefl Exercise 20-23

Toefl Review Exercise 1-23

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