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Verbs as Complements

Selamat Berlatih Kuis : Verbs as Complements

1. The teacher decided (accepting/to accept) the paper.

2. They appreciate (to have/having) this information.

3. His father doesn't approve of his (going/to go) to Europe.

4. We found it very difficult (reaching/to reach) a decision.

5. Donna is interested in (to open/opening) a bar.

6. George has no intention of (to leave/leaving) the city now.

7. We are eager (to return/returning) to school in the fall.

8. You would be better off (to buy/buying) this car.

9. She refused (to accept/accepting) the gift.

10. Mary regrets (to be/being) the one to have to tell him.

11. George pretended (to be/being) sick yesterday.

12. Carlos hopes (to finish/finishing) his thesis this year.

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