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Toefl Review Exercise Longman 1-12

Welcome to your Toefl Review Exercise Longman 1-12

 ... loom high above the north and northeastern boundaries of the expanding city of Tucson.

Radioactíve ... provides a powerful way to measure geologic time.

... contained in the chromosomes, and they are thought of as the units of heredity.

The benefit ... the study is that it provides necessary information to anyone who needs it.

The same symptomns that occur ... occur with cocaine.

Many companies across the country have molded the concepts ... describes into an integrated strategy for preventing stres.

 ... in the irst draft of she budzet will not necessarily be in the final draft.

If a food Jabel indicates that a food is mostly carbohydrate, it does not mean ... is a good food to eat.

 A need for space law to include commercial concerns has been recoglzed inasmuch ... been expanding drastically in recent years.

 The report on the nuclear power plant indicated that when the plant had gone on line ... unsafe

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