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Toefl Review Exercise 1-55

Welcome to your Toefl Review Exercise 1-55

In economies, "diminishing returs” describes ... resource inputs and production.

When lava reaches the surface, its temperature can be ten times ... boiling water.

Rarely ... remove the entire root of a dandelion because of its length and sturdiness.

Operas can be broadly classfied as either comedles or they are tragedies.

Tungsten has the highest melting point of all metals, and for this reason it is often use in equipment that must withstand high temperatures.

Whereas there are forty-three ant species in Great Britain, the same amount of ant species cun be found in a single tree in Peru.

People volce theirs opinions irst in small groups or among friends and acquaintances.

Inside the Lincoln Memorial is a large statue of Lincoln make from white marble.

Detailed photonmetric data of the area just north of Triton's eguatorial region indicate the existence of a thin, transparent    layers of frost.

U.S. census igures indicate that people with only an elementary education cat just half as much as college graduations.

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