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Toefl Review Exercise 1-51

Welcome to your Toefl Review Exercise 1-51

During the early nineteenth century, the Spanish nissions in Alta, California ... to be an integral part of the economy and productive capacity of the region.

Still other hurdles remain before ... suitable for private cars.

The daughters of Soseph LaFlesche were born into the generatios of Gmaha to abandon tribal traditions, ... on the reservation, and to adaps to the wite man’s ways.

Among the most revealingaspects of mining towns ... their paucity of public open space.

Factor analysis is used to discover how many abilities are involve in inteligence test performance.

One of the early orders of marine mammals, manatees have evolved more than fifty million years ago from land anirnals.

Dolphins and chimps are like in that they have been shown to have language skls.

In the appendix at the end of the chapter are the instructions to be used for the completion correct of the form.

 Used sound that varies not only in tíme but in space, whales at close range may communicate wíth sonarlike "pictures."

The 1898 Trans-Mississippi International Exposition has the distinction of being the last major fair which held  during the Victorian period.

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