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Toefl Review Exercise 1-48

Welcome to your Toefl Review Exercise 1-48

Patty Berg. the top tournament winner in women's golf, ... eighty-three golf tournaments from 1935 through 1964.

 ... with about fifteen times itgweight in alr does gasoline allow the cartbunetor to run smoothly.

The Colorado River reaches their marimun height during April and May.

Plant proteins tend to have few amino acids than proteins from animal sources.

The Viking spaceeraft has landed on Mars in July of 1976.

Admiral Byrd commanded airplane expeditions  over both the Arctic or the Antartic.

The advertising carnpaign will be based on the recent comnpleted study.

Coronary occlusion results from a disease in which fatty substances with a large amount of cholesterol is deposited in the arteries.

Her money gave back as soon as she threatened to take the matter to court.

 Other sites of fossil discoveries throughout Wyoming, ranging from the fiery Tyrannosaurus rex to the milder Triceratops, have proven equally excite.

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