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Toefl Review Exercise 1-45

Welcome to your Toefl Review Exercise 1-45

... worst phase of the Depression, more than thirteen million Americans had no jobs.

When reading a book, you must keep your point of view separate from the point of view in

... you are studying.

Speech consists not merely of sounds but ... that follow various structural patterns.

The latest medical report indicated that the patient's tenperature was near normal and their lungs were partially cleared.

Most Oxygen atorns have eight neutrons, but a small amount have nine or ten.

When Paine expressed his belief in independence, he praised by the public.

A vast quantity of radioactive material is made when does a hydrogen bomb explode.

Genes have several alternative form, or alleles, which are produced by mutations.

A star that has used up its energy and has lost its heat became a black dwarf.

Each lines of poetry written in blank verse has ten syllables, which are alternately stressed and unstressed.

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