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Toefl Review Exercise 1-32

Welcome to your Toefl Review Exercise 1-32

... separates Manhattan's Upper East Side fron the Upper West Side.

Bioluminescent animals ... the water or on land.

The purpose of a labor union is to improve the working conditions, ... and pay of its rmembers.

When ... on July 4, 1789, the federal tariff, intended by the Founding Fathers to be the governet’s primary source of revenue, was remarkably evenhanded.

 ... inclined to push for such a reducticn, it ould probably not be successful.

Helium has the most low boiling point of all substances.

There is twenty-six bones in the human foot, fourteen of them in the toes.

Extension of the countdown hold to fourteen hours was order to give crews more time to repair wiring and clear away equipment.

The study demonstrates that neither experience or awareness will improve chances of success.

Some of the eye movenents used in reading is actually unnecessary.

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