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Toefl Review Exercise 1-26

Welcome to your Toefl Review Exercise 1-26

The growth of hair ... cyclical process, with phases of activity and inactivity.

The fire ... to have started in the furnace under the house.

In Roman numerals, ... symbols for numeric values.

 The legal systems of most countries can be classified .... common law or civil law.

One difference between mathematics and language is that mathematics is precise ... .

Your criticism of the three short stories should not be less than 2,000 words, nor ... more than 3,000.

In 1870, the attorney general was made head of the Departnenit of Justice, given an enlarged stalf, and endow with clear-cut law enforcement functions.

The General Sherman Tree, the largest of all the glant sequolas, are  reputed to be the world's largest living thing.

The skeleton of a shark is made of cartilage rather than  having bone.

 At least one sarnple of each of the brands contains rneasurable armounts of aflatoxin, and there is three which exceed the maximum.

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