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Toefl Review Exercise 1-14

Welcome to your Toefl Review Exercise 1-14

In the United States ... approximately four million miles of roads, streets, and highways.

... twelve million imnigrants entered the United States via Ellis Island.

The television, ... so long been a part of Our culture, has an enormous influence.

Psychologists have traditionally maintained that infants cannot formulate long-tern memories until- ... the age of eight or nine months.

... a cheese shop has since grown into a small conglomerate consisting of a catering business and two retail stores.

Primarily a government contractor, ... preferential treatınent from government agencies as both a minority-group member and a woman.

Because the project depends on ... at the federal level, the city and county may have to wait until the budget cuuing ends.

... definitive study ofa western hard rock mining community cermetery appears to have been done is in Silver City, Nevada,

One of the areas of rmultimedia that is growing quickly ... is sound.

 ... , early approaches for coping with workplace stress dealt with the problem only after its symptoms had appeared.

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