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Toefl Exercise Longman 58-60

Welcome to your Toefl Exercise Longman 58-60

The buffalo and the bison are  like  except for the size and shape of the head and shoulders.

Other interesting aspect of tachistopic training in recent years has been the newfound use by professional teams.

Only about 3 percent of oil wells actually do a profit

Dislike sumac with red berries, sumac with white berries is poisonous.

Pittsburgh has reduced its smog by requiring more complete oxidation of fuel in cars, and others cities can do the same thing.

Alike all other mammals, dolphins have lungs.

Up to World War II almost all important research in physies had been made in universities, with only university funds for support.

Because the plan that was made yesterday is no longer feasible, the manager had to  choose another alternatives.

Particles with unlike charges attract each other, while particles with alike charges repel each other.

One another   surprising method of forest conservation is   controlled cutting of trees.

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