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Toefl Exercise Longman 56-57

Welcome to your Toefl Exercise Longman 56-57

Amelia Earhart, the first woman to fly solo across the Atlantic, disappeared on June 1937 while attempting to fly around the world.

The occurrence edema   indicates the presence of a serious illness

Atomic nuclei are  believed to be composed by protons and neutrons in equal numbers for the lighter elements.

According legend, Betsy Ross designed and sewed the first American flag.

The middle ear is attached for the back of the throat by the Eustachian tube.

Plants that sprout, grow, bloom, produce seeds, and die within  one year are classified for annuals.

Amarionette is controlled by means strings connected to wooden bars.

In July of 1861, Pat Garrett killed Billy the Kid in a house close Fort Sumner.

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