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Toefl Exercise Longman 49-51

Welcome to your Toefl Exercise Longman 49-51

As the only major American river that flowed in a west direction, the Ohio was the preferred route for settlers

During the annually salmon migration from the sea to fresh water, Alaska's McNeil River becomes a gatheríng place for brown bears waiting eagerly to catch their fill.

Edelman stresses the mounting evidence showing that greatly variation on a microscopic scale is likely.

Perhaps the most welcoming and friendly of the parks wild places is the live oak forest that surrounds the district's alone visitors' center in Gulf Breeze.

Halley's comet, viewing   through a telescope, was quite   impressive .

The state of deep   asleep is characterized   by rapid eye movement, or REM, sleep.

Among the disputing  sections of the Monteverdi opera are the sinfonia, the prologue, and the role of Ottone.

Most probably because of the likable rapport between anchors, the night newscast on the local ABC affiliate has recently moved well beyond its competitors in the ratings battle,

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