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Toefl Exercise Longman 46-48

Welcome to your Toefl Exercise Longman 46-48

Modern art is on display at the Guggenhein Museum, a building with an unusualy design.

By the beginning of the 1980s fifteen states had adopted already   no-fault   insurance laws.

Heart attacks are fatally in 75 percent of occurrences.

In spite of a tremendous  amount of electronic gadgetry, air traffic control still depends heavy on people.

Only recently have Gooden's industrially designers and engineers been able to optimize Watertred’s unusual tread patterns for mass production

A baboon's arms appear as lengthily as its legs.

A serious problem is how to cornmunicate reliable with a submerged submarine.

Americans are destroying rapidly wetlands, faster than an acre every two minutes

The central    banking system of the United States consists of twelve banks district

Telegraph service   across the Atlantic was successful   established in I860.

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