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Toefl Exercise Longman 15-19

Welcome to your Toefl Exercise Longman 15-19

Rarely ... located near city lights or at lower eievatios.

There are geographic, economic. And cultural reasons why ... around the world

Were ...  miions of dollar each year replenishing eroding beaches, the coastline would be changing even more rapidly

Nowhere ... more skewed than in the auto incdustry

New York City s Central Park is nearly twice as large ... second smallest country Manaco.

Potassium has a valence of positive one because it usually loses one electron when ... with other elements

The economic  background of labor legislation will not be mentioned in this cOurse, ... be treated.

...... test positive for antibiotics when tanker trucks arrive at a milk processing plant, acoording to federal law, the entire truckload must be discarded

Located behind ... the two acrimal glands

Only for a short period of time ... run at top speed.

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