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Subject – Verb Agreement

Selamat Berlatih Kuis : Subject - Verb Agreement

Subject-Verb Agreement

1. John, along with twenty friends, ... (is/are) planning a party.

2. The picture of the soldiers  ...  (bring/brings) back many memories.

3. The quality of these recordings  ...  (is/are) not very good.

4. If the duties of these officers  ...  (isn't/aren't) reduced, there will not be enough time to finish the project.

5. The effects of cigarette smoking  ...  (have/has) been proven to be extremely harmful,

6. The use of credit cards in place of cash  ...  (have/has) increased rapidly in recent years.

7. Advertisements on television  ...  (is/are) becoming more competitive than ever before.

8. Living expenses in this country, as well as in many others, ...  (is/are) at an all-time high.

9. Mr. Jones, accompanied by several members of the committee, ...  (have/has) proposed some changes of the rules.

10. The levels of intoxication  ...  (vary/varies) from subject to subject.

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