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Subject – Verb Agreement 2

Selamat Berlatih Kuis : Subject - Verb Agreement 2

Subject-Verb Agreement

1. Neither Bill nor Mary (is/are) going to the play tonight.

2. Anything (is/are) better than going to another movie tonight.

3. Skating (is/are) becoming more popular every day.

4. A number of reporters (was/were) at the conference yesterday.

5. Everybody who (has/have) a fever must go home immediately.

6. Your glasses (was/were) on the bureau last night.

7. There (was/were) some people at the meeting last night.

8. The committee (has/have) already reached a decision.

9. A pair of jeans (was/were) in the washing machine this morning.

10. Each student (has/have) answered the first three questions.

11. Either John or his wife (make/makes) breakfast each morning.

12. After she had perused the material, the secretary decided that everything (was/were) in order.

13. The crowd at the basketball game (was/were) wild with excitement.

14. A pack of wild dogs (has/have) frightened all the ducks away.

15. The jury (is/are) trying to reach a decision.

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