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Selamat Berlatih Kuis : Pronouns


1. I go to school with (he/him) every day.

2. I see (she/her /herself) at the Union every Friday

3. She speaks to (we/us/ourselves) every morning

4. Isn't (she/her) a nice person?

5. (He/ Him) is going to New York on vacation.

6. (She/Her) and John gave the money to the boy

7.  (Yours/Your) record is scratched and (my/mine) is too.

8. I hurt (my/mine /the) leg.

9. John bought (himself/herself/hisself) a new cost

10. (We/Us) girls are going camping over the weekend

11. Mr. Jones cut (hisself/himself) shaving

12. We like (our/ours) new car very much.

13. The dog bit (she/her) on the leg

14. John (he/himself) went to the meeting

15. You'll stick (you/your/yourself) with the pins if you are not careful

16. Mary and (I/me) would rather go to the movies

17. Everyone has to do (their/his) own research.

18. Just between you and (I/me), I don't like this food

19. Monday is a holiday for (we/us) teachers

20. (Her/Hers) car does not go as fast as (our/ours).

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