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Pronouns With Verbs as Complements

Selamat Berlatih Kuis : Pronouns With Verbs as Complements

1. Richard is expecting (us/our) to go to class tomorrow.

2. You shouldn't rely on (him/his) calling you in the morning.

3. They don't approve of (us/our) leaving early.

4. George asked (me/my) to call him last night.

5. We understand (him/his) having to leave early.

6. John resented (George/George's) losing the paper.

7. We object to (the defense attorney/the defense attorney's) calling the extra witness.

8. We are expecting (Henry/Henry's) to call us.

9. They are looking forward to (us/our) visiting them.

10. Susan regrets (John/John's) being in trouble.

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