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Problem Verbs

Selamat Berlatih Kuis : Problem Verbs

1. You will see on the map that the Public Auditorium (lies/lays) north of the lake.

2. My dog loves to (sit/set) in the sun.

3. The delivery boy (lay/laid) the groceries on the table.

4. After the heavy rain, the water in the lake (raised/rose) another two feet.

5. The paper hangers decided to (raise/rise) the picture a few more inches.

6. He was exhausted so he decided to (lie/lay) down for a little while.

7. The workers were (lying/laying) cement for the patio when it began to rain.

8. The soldier (rose/raised) the flag when he heard the bugle > blow.

9. In chemistry class, we learned that hot air (rises/raises).

10. They tried to (set/sit) the explosives carefully on the floor.

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