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Selamat Berlatih Kuis : Preposition

(1) the summer, we went (2) the beach every day.

We stayed (3) a lovely motel right (4) the beach.

(5) the morning we would get up (6) 9:30,  have breakfast, and then spend four hours (7) the pool (8) all the other guests.

(9) 1:00 we would have lunch (10) our room.

(11) lunch we would eat something light like sandwiches and fruit.

(12) the afternoon we would return (13) the pool area  and sit (14) the sun (15) a while.

(16) night we would take long walks (17) the beach or visit some friends who lived (18) 520 Volusia Avenue (19) Daytona Beach.

Many people from (20) (21) town stayed (22) that motel.

Like us, they had been coming (23) that same motel (24) 1975.

Most (25) them were (26) Ohio.

(27) time (28) time we would eat out (29) a nice restaurant, where we did not have to wait long (30) the waitress to serve us.

(31) July it is usually very crowded, but this year (32) least, it was not (33) the past.

Once (34) a while we went as crowded as (35) the movies (36) the theater (37) the corner (38) Las Olas Boulevard and Castillo Avenue.

We arrived there (39) no time (40) all (41) car.

We sat (42) the middle (43) the theater, (44) the twelfth row.

The movie started (45) 7:00 sharp, so we got there just (46) time to buy some popcorn and find our seat.

(47) first, I thought I would not enjoy it, but (48) the end, it turned (49) to be a very interesting movie.

(50) the whole, it was an enjoyable evening.

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