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Practice 2 Cliff

Welcome to your Practice 2 Cliff

Each of the students   in the accounting class has to type their   own research paper this semester.

A  liter is  one of the metric measurements, aren't they?

The president refuses to accept   either of the four new proposals   made by the contractors.

There are a large supply of pens and notebooks in the storeroom   to the left of the Iibrary entrance.

The fact that space exploration has increased dramaticaly in the past thirty years ....

Instructor advised the students for the procedures to follow   in writing the term papcr.

All the students   are looking forward spending   their free time relaxing in the sun this summer.

The officials object to   them  wearing long dresses for the inaugural dance at the country club.

 John said that no other car could go ....

......... he began to make friends more easily.

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