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Past Perfect and Simple Past

Selamat Berlatih Kuis : Past Perfect and Simple Past

Past Perfect and Simple Past

1. The policeman read the suspect his rights after he ... (arrest) him.

2. After John ... (wash) his clothes, he began to study.

3. George ... (wait) for one hour before the bus came.

4. Maria ... (enter) the university after she had graduated from the community college.

5. Jeannette ... (wash) the pipettes after she had completed the experiment.

6. Jane sent a letter to her university after she ... (receive) her scholarship check.

7. After the stewardesses had served lunch to the passengers, they ... (sit) down.

8. The car. ... (flip) ten times before it landed on its roof.

9. We corrected our papers after we ... (take) the quiz.

10. John ... (live) in Miami for one year when his parents came to visit.

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