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Participles as Adjectives

Selamat Berlatih Kuis : Participles as Adjectives

1. The (breaking/broken) dishes lay on the floor.

2. The (trembling/trembled) children were given a blanket for warmth.

3. Compassionate friends tried to console the (crying/cried) children.

4. The (interesting/interested) tennis match caused a great deal of excitement.

5. When James noticed the (burning/burnt) building, he notified the fire department immediately.

6. The (exciting/excited) passengers jumped into the lifeboats when notified that the ship was sinking.

7. The (smiling/smiled) Mona Lisa is on display in the Louvre in Paris.

8. The wind made such (frightening/frightened) noises that the children ran to their parents' room.

9. The (frightening/frightened) hostages only wanted to be left alone.

10. We saw the (advancing/advanced) army from across town.

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