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Must/Should Perfective

Selamat Berlatih Kuis : Must/Should Perfective

1. Henri was deported for having an expired visa. He ... (have) his visa renewed.

2. Julietta was absent for the first time yesterday. She ... (be) sick.

3. The photos are black. The X-rays at the airport ... (damage) them.

4. Blanca got a parking ticket. She .... (park, negative) in a reserved spot, since she had no permit.

5. Carmencita did very well on the exam. She ... (study) very hard.

6. Jeanette did very badly on the exam. She ... (study) harder,

7. German called us as soon as his wife had her baby. He ... (be) very proud.

8. Eve had to pay $5.00 because she wrote a bad check. She ... (deposit) her money before she wrote a check.

9. John isn't here yet. He ... (forget) about our meeting.

10. Alexis failed the exam. He ... (study; negative) enough.

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