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Modals Perfective

Selamat Berlatih Kuis : Modals Perfective

1. If I had a bicycle, (I would/I will) ride it every day,

2. George (would have gone/would go) on a trip to Chicago if he had had time.

3. Marcela didn't come to class yesterday. She (will have had/may have had) an accident.

4. John didn't do his homework, so the teacher became very angry. John (must have done/should have done) his homework.

5. Sharon was supposed to be here at mine o'clock. She (must forget/must have forgotten) about our meeting

6. Where do you think Juan is today? I have no idea. He (should have slept/may have slept) late.

7. George missed class today. He (might have had/might had had) an accident.

8. Robert arrived without his book. He (could have lost/would have lost) it.

9. Thomas received a warning for speeding. He (should have driven/shouldn't have driven) so fast.

10. Henry's car stopped on the highway. Is (may run/may have run) out of gas.

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