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Mini Test Structure TOEFL

Welcome to your Mini Test Structure TOEFL

3. Knowing that it would be helpless to continue working for a nearly bankrupt company, Louise decided to go away and find another type of employment.

James's counselor recommended that (he should take) a foreign language (in his) freshman year instesd (of waiting) until (the following year).

Buying clothes are often a very time-consuming practice because those clothes that a person likes are rarely the ones that fit him or her.

9. According the weatherman, there is a fifty percent chance of rain forecast for today and a greater chance for over the weekend.

4.Excepting for the graduate students, everyone will have to take the tests on the same day.

Mr. Harris will (be divided) (the) biology class (into two sections) to prevent (overcrowding) in his clasroom.

2. As a result of his inconsistency in represent his constituents, the senator was not reelected to the state legislature.

8. The refugees are very much upset because they have been deprived to their homeland and their families.

It is most important that (hc) (speaks) to (the) dean before (leaving) for his vacation.

10.The athlete was disqualified from the tournament for participating at an illegal demonstration.

After George had retumed to his house, he was reading a book.

(In spite) Nellie's fear of helghts, she decided (to fly) with a group of her classImates (to the Bahamas) during (the) spring recess.

(Writers)  (like) Willian Shakespeare and Edgar Allan Poe (are) not onty prolibc (but too interesting)

Although Mark has been cooking for many years, he still doesn't know to prepare French foods in the tradiional manner.

(The) general commanded (the Officers' Club) be (off limits) to (the new) recruits.

Let Nancy and (her) (to make) all the plans for the party, and you and I (will provide) (the refreshments) and entertainment.

Our Spanish profesor would like us spending more time in the laboratory practicing our pronunciation.

I need (both) (fine) brown sugar as well (as) powdered sugar (to bake) a Hawaian cake,

(Visitors) were not permitted (entering) the park after dark (because of) the lack (of) security and lighting.

After (rising) the flag (to comnemorate) (the holiday), the mayor  gave (a long speech).

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