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Mini Test 3 : Grammar 21-29

Find which is not correct !

(Although) the danger that he might (be injured), Boris (bravely entered) the burning housc in order to save (the youngster).

Mr. Harris will (be divided) (the) biology class (into two sections) to prevent (overcrowding) in his clasroom.

Dr. Alvarez was (displeased) beccause the student (had turned in an unacceptable) report, (so) he made him (to rewrite) it.

Marie's cousin is (studied) law (at) (one of the) ivy-league universities (in the East).

The conquerors stole not only (the) gold and silver (that were needed to) replenish the (badly) depleted treasury but also the supplies that were vital to the colonist (as well)

Maribel (has registered) for both the afternoon anthropology class (as well as) (the) (evening sociology lecture).

(Visitors) were not permitted (entering) the park after dark (because of) the lack (of) security and lighting.

If you had (sat) the plant (in a cooler) location, (the leaves) would  not (have burned).

The man, (of whom the) red car is (parked) in front (of our house), (is a) prominent physician in this town.

If you (set) (in that position) for too long, (you may) get a cramp  (in your leg).

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