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Mini Test 1 : Grammar 3-14

Find which is not correct !

There are ten childs playing in the yard near her house, but your child is not among them.

The food that Mark is cooking in the kitchen is smelling    delicious.

It has been a long time  since we have talked to John, isn't it?

The work performed by these officers   are not worth our paying      them any longer

After she had bought himself a new automobile, she sold     her bicycle.

The only teachers who were required to attend the meeting were George, Betty, Jill, and me.

Henry objects to our buying this house without the approval  of our attorney, and John does so.

His father does not approve of him to go to the banquet without dressing   formally.

The government has decided voting    on the resolution now rather than next month.

We insist on you  leaving the mecting before any further outbursts take place.

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