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Longman Level 2 (Per 10 Soal)

Selamat Berlatih Kuis : Longman Level 2 (Per 10 Soal)

The assigned text for history class it contains more than twenty chapters.

Tonight's supper, leftovers from last night, did not taste any better tonight than last night.

5. Around the corner are the offices that you are trying to find.

5. The thicker the walls, the noise that comes through is less.

The chapters were taught by the professor this morning will be on next week's exam.

2. The commandant left strict orders about the passes, several soldiers left the post anyway.

The manual how the device should be built.

The artisans were demonstrating various handicrafts at booths throughout the fair

The ointment can be applied where needed.

3. The citizers are becoming more and more incensed about traffic accidents whenever the accidents occur at this intersection

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