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Listening TE2 Choose Answer With Synonim

Welcome to your Listening TE2 Choose Answer With Synonim

(woman) : What did you think of the final exam in algebra?
(man) : it was too easy.
what does   the man mean?

(woman) : How are you feeling today?
(man) : I'm really feeling rather sick.
how is the man feeling?

(man) : Has your family been in business for quite some time? 
(womnan) : No, the family business was just established last year.
what does thie woman say about the family business?

(womnan) : Did you have to wait at the airport for a long time?
(man) : No, the plane landed right on schedule.
what does the man mean?

(man) : Do you want to join me in the pool? 
(womnan) :  Oh, I'll just run and put my suit on.
what does the woman imply?

(man) : Last night's fire burned the entire hillside. 
(woman) :  At least the homes were saved.
what does the woman mean?

(man) : ShouldI add more salt and pepper tothe soup?
(woman) : No, I think there's enough.
what does the woman mean?

(woman) : How are you able to pay your college fees?
(man) : I was fortunate to get a scholarship.
what does the man mean?

(man) : How successful was the corporation last year? 
(woman) : It made quite a big profit.
what does the woman say about the corporation?

(woman) : Chuck is on his way to the bank now, isn't he?
(man) : Yes, he is. He thinks his bank account is overdrawn.
what does the man mean?

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