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Linking (Copulative) Verbs

Selamat Berlatih Kuis : Linking (Copulative) Verbs

1. Your cold sounds (terrible/terribly).

2. The pianist plays very (good/well).

3. The food in the restaurant always tastes (good/well).

4. The campers remained (calm/calmly) despite the thunderstorm.

5. They became (sick/sickly) after eating the contaminated food.

6. Professor Calandra looked (quick/quickly) at the students' sketches.

7. Paco was working (diligent/diligently) on the project.

8. Paul protested (vehement, vehemently) about the new proposals.

9. Our neighbors appeared (relaxed/relaxedly) after their vacation.

10. The music sounded too (noisy/noisily) to be classical.

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