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Selamat Berlatih Kuis : Enough

1. There were not (enough people/people enough) to have the meeting.

2. Allen has learned (enough French/French enough) to study in France next year.

3. Do you have (enough time/time enough) to talk now?

4. She drove (enough fast/fast enough) to win the race.

5. Mike will graduate from law school (enough soon/soon enough) to join his father's firm.

6. We arrived (enough early/early enough) to have some coffee before class began.

7. It has rained (enough hard/hard enough) to flood the low-lying areas.

8. You should type (enough slowly/slowly enough) that you will not make an error.

9. He has just (enough flour/flour enough) to bake that loaf of bread.

10. There are (enough books/books enough) for each student to have one.

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