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Distinguish Like, Alike, Unlike, Dislike

Welcome to your Distinguish Like, Alike, Unlike, Dislike

The two routes you have chosen for the trip are (like.

The science books this semester are (like) the books used last semester.

Alike the restaurant where we usually eat, this new restaurant has early-bird specials.

Unlike the traditional red fire engines, the new fire engines are yellow.

The two girls disliked the fact that they were wearing alike dresses.

The new piece that the pianist is preparing is unlike any she has ever played before.

Like the Washington Zoo, the San Diego Zoo has several panda bears.

 The insurance package offered by that company is exactly alike the package our company offers.

Any further work done in a like fashion will be rejected.

It is unfortunate that the covers for this year's and last year's albums are so dislike.

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