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Selamat Berlatih Kuis : Conditional

1. Henry talks to his dog as if it ... (understand) him.

2. If they had left the house earlier, they ... (be; negative) so late getting to the airport that they could not check their baggage.

3. If I finish the dress before Saturday, I ... (give) it to my sister for her birthday.

4. If I had seen the movie, I ... (tell) you about it last night.

5. Had Bob not interfered in his sister's marital problems, there ... (be) peace between them.

6. He would give you the money if he ... (have) it.

7. I wish they ... (stop) making so much noise so that I could concentrate.

8. She would call you immediately if she ... (need) help.

9. Had they arrived at the sale early, they ... (find) a better selection.

10. We hope that you ... (enjoy) the party last night.

11. If you have enough time, please ... (paint) the chair before you leave.

12. We could go for a drive if today ... (be) Saturday.

13. If she wins the prize, it will be because she ... (write) very well.

14. Mike wished that the editors ... (permit) him to copy some of their material,

15. Joel wished that he ... (spend) his vacation on the Gulf Coast next year.

16. I ... (accept) if they invite me to the party.

17. If your mother ... (buy) that car for you, will you be happy?

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