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Commonly Misused Words

Selamat Berlatih Kuis : Commonly Misused Words

1. A beautiful (angle/angel) adorned their Christmas tree.

2. I have (your/you're) notes here, but I cannot find mine.

3. The rescuers were a welcome (cite/sight/site) for those trapped on the snow-covered mountain.

4. (Who's/Whose) supposed to supply the refreshments for tonight's meeting?

5. It is a (costume/custom) in the United States to eat turkey on Thanksgiving.

6. (Weather/Whether) we drive or fly depends on the length of our vacation.

7. Pasquale is of French (decent/descent), but his cousin is English.

8. Dr. Hipple will not be coming (to/two/too) the meeting because he has (to/two/too) many papers to grade.

9. Although my mother never eats (desert/dessert), I prefer something sweet.

10. I guess (their/there/they're) not interested because we have not heard from them.

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