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Cliff Level 4 (Per 100 Soal)

Welcome to your Cliff Level 4 (Per 100 Soal)

2. On Halloween night, most children dress in (costumes/customs) and go from house to house asking for treats.

Although he has been driving for fifteen years, he doesn't ...  to change a tire properly.

The fourth graders. ... to multiply.

2. As a result of his inconsistency in represent his constituents, the senator was not reelected to the state legislature.

2. Ellen spotted her friend as she walked toward the Student Union.

8. We don't like to drink (bitter/bitterly) tea.

4. (Besides/Beside) geology, Herman is studying math, French, and literature.

<p>(Despite) the roadbłock, the police allowed (us enter) the restricted area (to search) (for our friends.)</p>

We should (have been informed) Janis (about) the change in plans (regarding) our (weekend trip) to the mountains.

4. If I had seen the movie, I ... (tell) you about it last night.

The movie started (45) 7:00 sharp, so we got there just (46) time to buy some popcorn and find our seat.

2. They will leave at noon, and I ... too.

3. Select the sentence that demonstrates correct parallel structure:

8. Dr. Hipple will not be coming (to/two/too) the meeting because he has (to/two/too) many papers to grade.

9. In chemistry class, we learned that hot air (rises/raises).

(27) time (28) time we would eat out (29) a nice restaurant, where we did not have to wait long (30) the waitress to serve us.

We arrived there (39) no time (40) all (41) car.

9. Mitzi didn't (loose/lose) any time in applying for the teaching position in math.

3. Compassionate friends tried to console the (crying/cried) children.

The conquerors stole not only (the) gold and silver (that were needed to) replenish the (badly) depleted treasury but also the supplies that were vital to the colonist (as well)

2. The (trembling/trembled) children were given a blanket for warmth.

1. Henri was deported for having an expired visa. He ... (have) his visa renewed.

2. Pete ... the children some funny stories now.

4. Louie reads more quickly ... his sisters.

2. My dog loves to (sit/set) in the sun.

6. Marcella was awarded a scholarship ... her superior scholastic ability.

3. They have houses. ... in the country and in the city.

6. Having been asked to speak at the convention, ...

10. The letters were (already/all ready) for mailing when we realized that we had written the wrong addresses on the envelopes.

5. Had Bob not interfered in his sister's marital problems, there ... (be) peace between them.

2. We decided to leave early ... the party was boring.

7. Pasquale is of French (decent/descent), but his cousin is English.

4. She has already written her composition, and so ... her friends

9. The author gave an autographed copy of his book to his friend.

5. Hal bought a tool set containing 79 pieces. Hal bought a ... tool set.

6 Despite his sore muscle, Paul planned on participating (with/in) the Olympic skating.

13. If she wins the prize, it will be because she ... (write) very well.

1. Betty's insulting remark greatly (effected/affected) Kurt, who is a very sensitive person.

Mr. Harris will (be divided) (the) biology class (into two sections) to prevent (overcrowding) in his clasroom.

3. If I finish the dress before Saturday, I ... (give) it to my sister for her birthday.

16. I ... (accept) if they invite me to the party.

2. That is an (intense/intensely) novel.

Find the letter of the underlined portion which is NOT CORRECT

1. Even though the girls have all ready visited St. Augustine, they want to return to the Castillo de San Marcos.

7. Sam wears the same shirt. ... his teammates.

9. He has lived in Mexico for five years, and you ... too

7. Paco was working (diligent/diligently) on the project.

6. Margie has a bookcase with five shelves. Margie has a ... bookcase.

2. Checking acount that require a minimum balance are very common now

3. Who ... you that he was going to New York?

5. Her children have American cousins ... Spanish ones.

3. There's an exam tomorrow, ... ?

8. Jane looked ... sick that the nurse told her to go home.

10. The letters were (already/all ready) for mailing when we realized that we had written the wrong addresses on the envelopes.

5. No animal is so big. ... King Kong.

4. She didn't see anyone she knew, and ... did Tim.

7. Bill's descriptions are ... (colorful) than his wife's

8. While trying to balance the baskets on her head, the woman walked (awkwarder/more awkwardly) than her daughter.

2. ... will Mr. Forbes be able to regain control of the company.

8. After being apprehended, all hijackers are (persecuted/prosecuted).

4. The girls speak (fluent/fluently) French.

10. He didn't know the answer, and neither ... I.

2. Gary signed the petition, ... ?

8. Eve had to pay $5.00 because she wrote a bad check. She ... (deposit) her money before she wrote a check.

3. He has an early appointment, and so ... I.

5. It is a (costume/custom) in the United States to eat turkey on Thanksgiving.

6. Dr. Byrd is having the students ... (write) a composition.

1. After Jill had shown Tim how to insert the paper once, she repeated the operation again.

5. We had ... good a time at the party that we hated to leave.

7. A fear (at/of) closed-in areas is called claustrophobia.

Finish these sentences by adding a tag question with the correct form

1. You're going to school tomorrow, ... ?

2. All the money accepted has already been released

We. ... to type before we entered the university.

8. You can't play tennis today, ... ?

5. They didn't want anything to drink, and neither ... we

1. The sun shone ... brightly that Maria had to put on her sunglasses.

3. His assignment is different ... mine.

9. Mitzi didn't (loose/lose) any time in applying for the teaching position in math.

6. The (exciting/excited) passengers jumped into the lifeboats when notified that the ship was sinking.

10. John would rather ... (sleep) than worked last night.

10. Henry's car stopped on the highway. Is (may run/may have run) out of gas.

6. (Weather/Whether) we drive or fly depends on the length of our vacation.

When we arrived (at the) store (to purchase) the dishwasher (advertise) in the newspaper, we learned that all the dishwashers had (been sold).

4. You didn't pay the rent, and she ... either.

4. A new house is much ... (expensive) than an older one.

7. A fear (at/of) closed-in areas is called claustrophobia.

4. Blanca got a parking ticket. She .... (park, negative) in a reserved spot, since she had no permit.

1. Despite her dislike for coffee, she drank it to keep herself warm.

. Rarely does Jorge forgets to do his homework.

7. The (smiling/smiled) Mona Lisa is on display in the Louvre in Paris.

5. Sharon was supposed to be here at mine o'clock. She (must forget/must have forgotten) about our meeting

10. Ms. Sierra offered ... because she had faith in his capabilities.

7. The students won't accept the dean's decision, and the faculty ... either.

5. She's been studying English for two years, ... ?

4. The (interesting/interested) tennis match caused a great deal of excitement.

2. We don't plan to attend the concert, and ... do they.

2. Toshiko had her car ... (repair) by a mechanic.

 He doesn't .... to dance, but he tries.

2. Julietta was absent for the first time yesterday. She ... (be) sick.

9. There aren't any peaches left.. ... ?

2. We can't study in the library, and they. ... either.

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