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Cliff Level 2 (Per 10 Soal)

Welcome to your Cliff Level 2 (Per 10 Soal)

2. Phil is the (happier/happiest) person we know.

4. ... judge asked ... witness to tell ... truth.

7. The (smiling/smiled) Mona Lisa is on display in the Louvre in Paris.

6. When the teacher ... (enter) the room,the students were talking.

4. They ... (drive) to school tomorrow.

8. Robert arrived without his book. He (could have lost/would have lost) it.

6. Margie has a bookcase with five shelves. Margie has a ... bookcase.

10. The house needs to be  ... (paint) soon.

Once (34) a while we went as crowded as (35) the movies (36) the theater (37) the corner (38) Las Olas Boulevard and Castillo Avenue.

5. Their plane is arriving at nine o'clock, and so ... mine

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