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Practice 8 Expressions And Evaluation

1 Suppose we have 2 cups with nails in dhem plus 3 nails left over
Find liowv many nails are present if Alex has put in cach cup: a 2 nails
2 Simplity : a 4c – 2c
3 How nany terms are in the expression 2a6z +2y?
4 What is the coefficient of z in the expression
5 Find like terms in the following: a 3a?r+64r? + 3
6 If possible, simplify by collecting like terms:
7 Simplify using product notation : a 8z x 5
8 Write in simplest form: a 3xaXaxbxbxb
9 If p=7 and q 2 evaluate : a p- 3q
10 If a -2, b 3 and cm-4, find the value of ab-bc.