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Practice 7 Percentage

1 Write as a percentage : 0.6
2 Write 107% as a decimal.
3 Increase £300 by 12%
4 In a school of 800 students, 63% have black hair. 19% have brown hair, and thc
remainder have fair hair. Find :
a the percentage of fair-haired students. b. how many students have brown hair
5 Ibought a bicycle for $640 and sold it for a profit of 20%. Find the sclling pricc of
the bicycle.
6 A groengrocer bought 200 kg of oranges for S180 and sold them for $1.14 per
kilogram. Find: a. his profit. b. his percentage profit on the cost price.
7 Find the simple interest when €4500 is borrOwed for 3 years at 14% p.a.