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Practice 6 Decimal Numbers

a Convert 0.3 to a fraction.
b Statc the valuc of the digit 6 in 17.3264

c Muliply 8.46 by 1000.
d Write 7+t in decimal form.

e Find 70.2 x 100.
f State the valuc of the digit 2 in 0.362
g Evaluate 0.02 100.
h Write 2.61 as a fraction in simplest form.

2 Express 23.452 as a fraction in simplest form.
3 Evaluate: a 0.62+2.531 b 0.28 x 0.43
4 Write

a 23.549 to 2 decimal places
c 0.54 to 2 decimal places.
b 0.4723 to the nearest hundredth

5 If you purchased articles costing $11.63, S13.72 and $21.40, how much change would you receive from a S50 note?

6 A race track is 3.2 km long. How many laps are nceded to complete a 360 km race ?
7 Ifa man’s height is 1.6 times that of his daughter, who is 125 cm tall, determine the height of the man.

8 New Zealand has an area of 268.68 thousand km². It has a human population of 4.3 million, and is home to 40.1 million sheep. How many;
a sheep are there per person

b people are there per km²