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Practice 19 Chance

1 Draw a probability lne and mark on it the approxinate probabilitics ne
a being bom ona weckday
b the next person you see bcing female
C snowv falling in Dubai.
2 The number of sweets in cach of 25 packets was recorded below. The results were:
a red
a Complete a frequency and relative frequency table for this information
b What is the probability thata randomly selected packet will contain:
i less than 40 sweets ii at least 40 sweets?
3 List the 8 ditferent possible three-child families. Determine the probability hx .
randomly sclected three-child family consists of 2 boys and a girl.
to 15.
4 A bag contains 5 red, 4 blue and 3 yellow discs. If one disc is randomly seleet
from it, determine the chance that it is:
d red or yellow
5 Deternine the probability that the spinning needle will finish on white:
6 A pack of 52 cards is well shuffled and a card is selected at random. Determine the
chance that this card is:
b a red 3
7 The numbers 1 to 50 are marked on separate cards and placed in a hat. Deten
the probability that the nunber on a randomly chosen card is closer to 40 than it is
8 Design a device which would generate P(bluc) = and P(ycllow) i
Siate whether the following events are equally likely or not:
9 Draw a circular dart board with three colours where the chance of scoring red is
da7or an 8