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Practice 16 Problem Solving

1 Use cquations to solve thc following problems
a I thnk of a number, rcble it, then add 4 1f the result is 28, find the numb
2 Set up an equittion and lhence find the value of z:
3 A rectangle has length 6 cm longer than its width. If its perimeter is 56 cm, find its
4 A CD costs twice as much as a book. If I buy 3 CDs and 2 books for a total of
E120, find the cost of each item.

5 Find the perimneter of the rectangle.
Your answer must not contain a.

6 The sum of three consecutive numbers is 72. Find the largest of the three numbers
7 Scott has 12 more 50-pence coins than 20-pence coims, and their total value is C10 0
How many 20-pence coins does Scott have?