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Kesesuaian Subjek dan Kata Kerja

Subjek dan kata kerja harus sesuai dalam hal jumlahnya.

Subjek tunggal gunakan kata kerja tunggal. Subjek jamak gunakan kata kerja jamak.

Contoh :

The boy walks to school

The boys walk to school

Subjek Tunggal : She, He, It, I

Contoh :

she eats

he eats

It eats

Asep eats

My car needs to be washed

Kata kerja pada subjek tunggal di atas menggunakan akhiran s.

Pada kasus kata kerja yang sedang dilakukan (present continuous) dan present perfect, kata kerja didahuli auxiliary is dan has.

Contoh :

she is eating

she has written

Adapun untuk subjek tunggal I menggunakan auxuliary am

Contoh :

I eat / I am eating

Untuk suatu organisasi atau kumpulan, meskipun bermakan jamak, tapi tetap dianggap tunggal.

Contoh :

The team eats

The United States is a large country

Verb-ing di awal kalimat sebagai subjek, dianggap tunggal

Contoh :

Dieting is popular

Every, each, any, some meskipun bermakna banyak, tapi dianggap tunggal.

Contoh :

everybody/anybody/somebody is eating

Kalimat yang diawali oleh None, the number of dan a pair, dianggap tunggal

Contoh :

The number of students is going to class

A pair of pants is on the table

Time / money / measurement (tunggal) :

Twenty-five dollars is not eanoungh

Fifty minutes is to long

Two miles is too fas

Subjek Jamak : They, We, You

They eat / They are eating

We eat / We have eating

Asep and John eat / Asep and John are eating

My cars need to be washed

You eat

Subjek dan Kata Kerja yang Terpisah Oleh Preposisi

The boys in the room are eating

The study of languages is very interesting

Several theories on this subject have been proposed

The actress, along with her friends, is going to library

The actress and Asep are going to school

A number of students are going to class

Kata None dan Neither Bisa Tunggal atau Jamak Tergantung Kata Benda Sebelumnya

None of the money is found

None of the students are found

Neither Asep nor Joni is going to beach

Neither Asep nor his friends are going to beach

Kuis 1

Kuis 2

Kuis Verb After Preposition

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