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3 HAL YANG HARUS DIINGAT [latexpage] 1. $\displaystyle \lim_{x \rightarrow 0}\frac{\sin x}{x}=\lim_{x \rightarrow 0}\frac{x}{\sin x}=1$ Karena menurut aturan L'hopital : $\displaystyle \lim_{x \rightarrow 0}\frac{\sin x}{x}=\lim_{x \rightarrow 0}\frac{\cos x}{1}=1$ 2. $\displaystyle \lim_{x \rightarrow 0}\frac{1-\cos x}{x}=0$ Karena menurut aturan L'hopital : $\displaystyle \lim_{x \rightarrow 0}\frac{1-\cos x}{x}=\lim_{x \rightarrow ...

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